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@brand : I'm running out of cash. @bank where is your closest ATM??
@brand : Just noticed: 30% off in-store @brand! I'm near CP. Where is your closest store???
@brand : love the new collection of shoes, is it available in red color?
@brand : what is the cheapest airfare from Delhi to Bangalore?
@brand : not able to order on your website, can you help?

Meet Airwoot

  • Track & Interact with social stream realtime
  • Automatically identify important issues
  • Follow all issues without leaving app
Listen to your customers on Facebook & Twitter

Listen to your customers
on Facebook & Twitter

  • Realtime
  • Notifications
  • Seamless connect

Seamlessly connect your social channels to the app. Get realtime notifications directly in your browser whenever a customer wants to engage with you.


Never miss out on any messages.

Automatically identify
customers who need help

Our intelligent algorithm automatically identify which customer needs your attention.

The powerful social semantic engine adaptively learns your brand's social etiquettes and creates a social priority inbox for your brand.

Automatically identify customers who need help

Know your customers like never before

Capture user demographic like location, email, phone etc within the unified customer directory of your brand. Integrate with your CRM database to get more valuable insights on your customers.

Escalate and collaborate with internal and external teams

Escalate social media queries to external teams in different locations using Airwoot's email collaboration tool.


In-app chat adds a new dimension to support helpdesk with realtime chat. View the availability of the agents and start a conversation right from the customer's issue.

Set & Track
your social goals

Set milestones and checkpoints to ensure that your social customer goals are on track. With Airwoot's social goals tracking you can set service-levels for response and resolution times of your customers' issues.