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Airwoot joins forces with Freshdesk

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The world's most intelligent social
customer support helpdesk. Ever.

Leading Brands Trust Airwoot's Technology

  • More Engagement
    Airwoot helped Jabong identify influencers and increase influencer engagement by 3x within a short span of time.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Makemytrip achieved 2.5x increase in polarity conversion of sentiments thanks to effective responses enabled by Airwoot's customer-centric helpdesk.
  • Crisis Management
    Airwoot's preemptive crisis alerts helped Jet Airways avert 60% of potential viral crisis situations on social media.
  • Increased Conversion
    Airwoot helped Zovi proactively engage with customers on their website using facebook integration and achieve a 10% increase in conversion rate.
  • Faster Response
    Airwoot has helped Snapdeal achieve 6x faster average response time round the clock on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Resource Efficiency
    Paytm has been able to manage upto 10x spike in conversation volume with same team size and no compromise on response times.

Artificial Intelligence meets Customer Intelligence

Airwoot helps brands streamline their customer engagement on social media by unlocking valuable predictive insights that increase the speed & effectiveness of conversations.

  • Traffic Forecasting

    Get notified of high volume incoming traffic in advance so you can optimize your resource planning and maintain impressive response times

  • Secure CRM Integration

    Integrate with your backend CRM tool in a secure way to access all available information about a customer for faster resolution

  • Noise Reduction

    Automatically brings out conversations from social chatter which require your attention such as queries, grievances and incidents in real-time.

  • Preemptive Crisis Alerts

    Airwoot's sophisticated algorithms predict when a conversation is about to go viral, giving you valuable lead time to act

Why Should Brands Care?

  • 1 in 3
    social media users prefer contacting a brand on social media as compared to traditional channel such as phone
  • 71%
    customers who experience quick and effective engagement promote the brand to others
  • 4.6%
    market value is associated with 1-point change in customer satisfaction
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