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Integrate Artificial Intelligence into your Social Customer Support

Wish your customer-support workflow was smarter, smoother and better-organised? Say hello to Airwoot, the world’s smartest customer-support helpdesk. With us, you don’t just do social customer support, you also add genuine holistic value to your business.

  • Airwoot helps you envision and run social customer support in a smart, resource-optimised and user-friendly manner
  • We mine data and present analytics which would help drive decisions for your organisation
  • Our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm siphons out genuine queries from spam so you’re always working with what's important
  • Airwoot boasts of a streamlined workflow which lets your team focus on engaging and supporting your customers
  • Airwoot integrates seamlessly with your existing CRMs to offer you an omni-channel experience of supporting customers
Keeping your customers happy is easier than you think,
and we’re going to show you how! See you there.
Saurabh Arora
CEO, Airwoot
Presented By
  • Saurabh Arora
    Founder and CEO, Airwoot
  • Sarthak Dev
    Chief Product Researcher, Airwoot
Our Success Stories
  • Resource Efficiency
    Paytm has been able to manage upto 10x spike in conversation volume with same team size and no compromise on response times.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Makemytrip achieved 2.5x increase in polarity conversion of sentiments thanks to effective responses enabled by Airwoot's customer-centric helpdesk.
  • Crisis Management
    Airwoot's preemptive crisis alerts helped Jet Airways avert 60% of potential viral crisis situations on social media.

"The Delhi-based startup touts a powerful semantic engine which filters and classifies social media mentions to help brands manage their online reputation management real-time."

"They will make a tremendous difference in this new world of social customer care"

"Airwoot uses the combination of data science and user experience offering a smart customer service helpdesk which enables brands to deliver effective and real-time customer support on top of social media."