Automagic Helpdesk
Airwoot uses machine learning to automatically identify your customers who need your help in real-time.
Never miss a conversation
The challenge with social media is the sheer volume of conversations and the need to respond in real time. As a socially devoted brand you will want to ensure you are always listening in on all social chatter in real time and are able to identify actionable conversations that require your attention right away. Airwoot lets you achieve both.
  • Realtime Listening
    Our high bandwidth SM data connection ensures you get access to all your social media chatter in real time. All of it. In real time.
  • Automatic Filtering
    Automatically brings out conversations from social chatter which require your attention such as queries, grievances and incidents in real-time.
Know your customers like never before
The thing about quick response time is that you need to know as much as there is to know about your customers so that you are equipped to help address their queries and grievances. Airwoot lets you capture customer information provided to you during social conversations and also allows you to access to knowledge that you captured explicitly and implicitly.
  • Secure CRM Integration
    Integrate with your backend CRM tool in a secure way to access all available information about a customer for faster resolution.
  • Social Logins
    Track customer behavior on your website and have that available to your customer support team for a more powerful engagement.
Know before it happens
Knowing in advance is a powerful advantage for anyone. For socially devoted brands, the advance knowledge of what is most likely about to happen provides valuable lead time to ensure that customer experience and brand value continue to remain high. Airwoot’s predictive algorithms do exactly that, and continue to learn ways to improve based on usage.
  • Traffic Forecast
    Get notified of high volume incoming traffic in advance so you can optimize your resource planning and maintain impressive response times
  • Crisis Alerts
    Airwoot’s sophisticated algorithms predict when a conversation is about to go viral, giving you valuable lead time to act
Collaborate with your team
Airwoot allows you to achieve higher standards of customer care. These higher standards are not possible without amazing team work. Using Airwoot you can collaborate with your team seamlessly. Not only can you reach out to fellow social media team members in real time you can also reach out to extended team members within your organization for further support.
  • Intra Team Email
    Automatically compile an issue and related conversations into an email that can be sent out to the back-end team or management for perusal.
  • Intra Team Chat
    Use the team chat facility for instant messaging within the social media team registered on the Airwoot platform and reach quick resolutions.
Realtime and structured insights
Set milestones and checkpoints to ensure that your social customer goals are on track. With Airwoot's social goals tracking you can set service-levels for response and resolution times of your customers' issues.
  • Custom Reports
    Interact, filter, and drill into system and custom metrics to measure operational efficiency, agent performance, and customer experience
  • Team Performance And Analytics
    Using Airwoot's intuitive report builder, just drag & drop fields to slice and dice data in meaningful ways to better understand your social customers, and improve your business processes.